More than halfway though the year of 2015


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It seems so strange to think that we are already more than halfway through 2015. I’ve been working on three separate projects this year. The projects are: SciFi/Romance “Not Too Late Forever”, Historical Fiction “A Life to Live, A Contribution to Make” and Mid-grade fantasy “Misty’s Magical Shed”.

The SciFi/Romance and Mid-grade Fantasy are my passion, but I spending most of my writing time on the Historical Fiction. This is a story based loosely on the life of Josephine Rollins Ort, the woman the county where I live is named after. I hope this will work into a book that will help people better understand the life and difficulties a time gone by.

In working on Josephine’s story, I am surprised how few people know anything about Josephine. Even more amazing is that she was here for only a couple of months.

I have signed up for another writers’ conference, the Surrey International Writers Conference in Surrey British Columbia. I look forward to participating with fellow writers in following a shared dream.

Thoughts for week ending June 27, 2015


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I have much going on in my life right now. With the commitment to write a 2000 word chapter of an historical fiction every two weeks added to writing and editing on my other two stories, I am staying quite busy. It is interesting to fit this in around my day job and my community volunteer activities.

With this comes a wondrous thought that when I am published, I will be the poster child for never giving up. I have applied for a fellowship from the Oregon Literary Council. If I receive acknowledgement with this, it will be the first award, outside of honorable mention, for my writing. Besides that, the genre is not my first choice.

Because a posting by KC Dyer caught my attention yesterday, tonight I will make the commitment of attending the Surrey International Writers Conference. This year, I will have two books to pitch.

I am happy that my life does not lack excitement. Now to get back to work and get more writing done.

What a great life. Hope you are enjoying yours as well.


Misty’s Magical Shed 13


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Finny forced his shoulders to relax, a little trick he and Joe had learned at camp when the older boys tried to scare them. It had convinced most of the kids that they weren’t afraid. The trembling in his body eased. Zeuflin’s padding absorbed the rest. The words helped, to, he settled down and found his seat easier to maintain. If his grandmother came along, then Finny knew things would be alright. Besides, the tone of her voice hinted that she’d done this before.

Everything appeared under control, then dark swirled in and heat built. It grew and spread like what had happened with the license plate on the shed when he and Mama Jack passed on the way in.

“Take it easy,” Mama Jack whispered.

It didn’t seem possible, but somehow he did, even when the dark got darker. Wind grew and with it a sense of lifting off the ground. Fear that Finny had succeeded in overcoming threatened to return.

This’ll be over soon. Mama Jack understood and that comforted him as much as the strength in her arms.

Flying to who knew where, Finny dug his fingers in. Where are we going? He was glad they were using mindtalk, because he didn’t think he could forced words out of his mouth.

Near and far. You will see soon enough. Remain calm, Misty whinnied.  There is someone you need to meet.

Do as Msty says and we’ll be there soon, said Mama Jack

Yes Ma’am. This time when he relaxed, Finny felt a growing awareness of what was going on. Dark lightened to a soft twilight, but the wind grew hotter.

Finny’s cheeks began to burn. “Mama Jack?”

Shhhhhh. Don’t bring attention to us. Use your ability.

Meow, Raskee’s soft thoughts rubbed in Finny’s mind. You don’t have to say out loud what you want to share. We can understand better when you aim your thoughts.

Where had he come from? Finny didn’t remember seeing the cat since they got inside the shed. Aren’t larger animals afraid of cats.

Oh no. My family prowls the stables of all the winged ones. Some of the lucky ones, like me, also get to serve those of Misty’s kind.

Serve unicorns? But you live with me.

Well, yes, but before I got that assignment I lived in the stalls of all the great ones. That’s where I grew up.

We are all servants, said Mama Jack.


Why else would we be here. Now it’s your turn.

Before Finny could ask what she meant, dark turned to light and the scene before him robbed him of all words. They had arrived in a cavern. A magnificent fountain of molten lava flowed up to a roof that Finny guessed had to be at least three stories above. When the lava touched the ceiling it spread out and dripped into a pool of brilliant heat and light that encircled the base of the fountain. Once more he thought of the license plate on the shed.  Beyond the pond an even more spectacular vision filled the back wall.

It’s a castle. Wow.

A thought for the weekending 05-30-2015


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At the end of this week, I was reminded by a friend that we are all going through things we find difficult. That’s what I love about Facebook. I can go to those pages and read funny posts, share my trials and celebrate events from my own life. I can also commiserate with what others are going through. All in all Facebook builds strong friendships.

So I want to thank all my Facebook friends. Thank you for making difficulties in my life easier to deal with. Thank you for letting me in any small way help you with yours. And mostly, thank you for being there helping others get through life with a shared tear, smile and sometimes laugh.

Happenings of weekending 05/23/2015


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I am so lucky to have the life I have, and live where I live. This weekend I will pause and thank people I have never met for the freedoms I enjoy. That I can get angry at my government and say out loud that I disagree with those who profess to lead and govern is an amazing luxury, that not all enjoy. So I before I get back to work on my writing, or other experiences this this weekend, I want to say thank you to those who have served and currently serve in the military of the United States of America. I know this weekend is to acknowledge those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, but everyone who makes the commitment to serve deserves thanks.

I simply wanted to put it in print, Thank You.

With heartfelt feeling,