Words of the week Prove It


Posted by Jodi | Posted in Some spare thoughts from a writer | Posted on 18-11-2015

Once more the word of the week is two words: Prove It. They inspire me to prove the quality of my writing. This past week I had a recommendation of how to change my book to make it more “saleable”. It may be a good recommendation, but it wouldn’t be the story I want to write. For now I will continue to edit and polish my book as I have been doing for many years. I have put in much time and work to polish my craft, and gotten feedback from published authors on how to make it better. For now I’m going with my gut and changing what I feel needs to be changed. What I keep and what I delete may change in the future, but not for now. For now I intend to Prove It with the form it has taken and the direction my characters guide me.

Word of the week Success


Posted by Jodi | Posted in Some spare thoughts from a writer | Posted on 11-11-2015

Success is defined by┬ámy mobile app as “the favorable outcome to an endeavor”. This week I am working diligently┬áto find this success while living a full life. I have always felt it is the journey that counts. I continue to participate in my community, enjoy family and make time for friends, as I fit my dream in. Soon I will bring to fruition this part of my aspirations, but I will not stop there. There is so much more for me to do before my journey on this planet is complete.

Word of the week Best


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According to the dictionary, best means of the highest quality. That’s what I strive toward with my writing. Therefore, this week I will work with even more diligence toward that goal.

Hope you will join me to make something in your life the best it can be.

Word of the week Hope


Posted by Jodi | Posted in Short Story Snippets, Something that touches my life | Posted on 28-10-2015

We live in amazing times. There are so many words that I could choose for the word of the week, but hope brings me the most joy. Thanks to my experiences at the Surrey International Writers Conference, my hope for my writing has been renewed. I think that is the strongest thing we can have. It is not only the wish for our passions in life, but what guides us most strongly though life.

Word of the week Joy


Posted by Jodi | Posted in Something that touches my life | Posted on 19-10-2015

This week I choose to concentrate on joy in my life. The dictionary definition of joy is the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying. I feel this way about my writing. This week I get to pursue this joy at The Surrey International Writers’ Conference in Surrey British Columbia. It’s a time to polish my craft, as well as make and renew friendships.