Happenings of weekending 05/23/2015


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I am so lucky to have the life I have, and live where I live. This weekend I will pause and thank people I have never met for the freedoms I enjoy. That I can get angry at my government and say out loud that I disagree with those who profess to lead and govern is an amazing luxury, that not all enjoy. So I before I get back to work on my writing, or other experiences this this weekend, I want to say thank you to those who have served and currently serve in the military of the United States of America. I know this weekend is to acknowledge those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, but everyone who makes the commitment to serve deserves thanks.

I simply wanted to put it in print, Thank You.

With heartfelt feeling,


Thoughts for the week ending 05/16/2015


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I made it to Saturday, the end of this week. I looked back over the work I have done on Josephine’s story. I had forgotten how much I have put in to it and how much I have written. So now I am working on the beginning of the book. Strange, a different genre for me, but characters have the same control and a voice of their own. This is my world, so I can live in it and enjoy my planet Earth about 165 years ago. I have done my research, but there is much more to accomplish. After I share with my writers’ group tomorrow, I will give you a little taste of Josephine’s world. Maybe you will tell me if I am close to hitting the mark.


I have not followed through lately on a story about Josephine Rollins Ort. She is the woman the county where I live is named after. I have written several scenes for her book, but I need to pull the story together. Today I got to thinking that I was trying too hard to write a book with all the historical information that I have gathered in it . I hope to have something to share by the time the next Josephine County Historical Society meeting takes place. That means I need to concentrate on it for the rest of the month of May.

One thought that occurred to me was that I was struggling to put too much into it. This needs to be a story that young girls can enjoy and identify with. It is a little outside my genre of writing preference, but I am hoping that it is a challenge that I can do proud. All this being said, I had better get to it and work on the structure for the book. Finny and Xandra will have to wait for a while, but maybe when I am able to get back to work on their stories they will have missed me so much, that the words will flow from my fingers.

Thoughts and input appreciated.

Sincerely, Jodi


Misty’s Magical Shed 12


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“Then what is enough?” Finny asked.

At first there was only silence, then Zeufin fluttered his wings and answered. “We have to believe.”

“Believe? Believe in what?” Finny scratched his head, more confused than before.

“Oh.” The softest whisper Finny had ever heard startled him. “We have to believe in you and you have to believe in us.” The translucent figure beside Misty stepped forward. The two complimented each other with beauty and grace.  The girl was as good a description of ethereal as Finny had ever seen. He wished Mrs. Sanders was here now, so he could spell the word for her. Maybe that would add some kind of a comfort zone for him.

“It’s alright Sweetie.” Mama Jack patted his shoulder.

The soft black muzzle of the horse in the stall pushed against his shoulder. Rich brown eyes winked, first one then the other. “You believe in us, now you have to believe in yourself.”

The deep voice reminded Finny so much of his father. I wish he was here. He’d help me understand. Before Finny could find a way to share his thoughts the shed began to shake. The ground beneath his feet bucked.

“Grab hold.” Zeufin’s nicker deepened as he pushed around the end of the stall and forced his wing under Finny’s arm. “Don’t let go.”

“What–?” Before Finny could push the question out, darkness swirled in.

“Remember, we believe in you.” Mama Jack’s voice vibrated through him.

Finny grabbed hold and squeezed.

The sinewy muscles beneath his fingers tensed. “That’s it. Now pull in close. At first he felt himself tucked under Zeufin’s right wing. Soft down made him want to stay there.

You have to get up on my back.

It was so nice against the feathery body, but urgency pressed in.  Zeufilin bent his right foreleg so Finny could use it as a ladder to climb up.

I’ll fall off? Finny had no sense that he could keep his seat once he was on Zeufin’s back.

There in front of you. Grab hold of that curl..

Wher…? Before the word could tumble completely out of his mouth, sure enough, there stretching from the feathery hide was a single stringy gray and black tuft of hair. It was obvious, because the feathers were a reddish brown.

Finny grabbed hold as best he could.

Use your knees, said Zeufin. Press behind my wings.

At first Finny flopped around as wind whistled past and chilled his earlobes. Just as he thought he was going to flop off, he found a slight indentation behind the wings and his legs slipped beneath. Then warmth formed another anchor from behind.

It’s all right Sweetie. Zeufin’s strong enough to carry us both. Mama Jack put her arms around him and hugged tight.

Good. This time it was Misty who added encouragement.

You’re coming too? he asked.

We all are, sweetie.

This week ending 05/02/2015


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It’s been quite a week. Last Sunday I spent the whole curled up on the couch. I stayed there, pretty much for the next two days. as well Here in Southern Oregon, we have the flu going around, through the schools and elsewhere. Sadly, I found it.  This helped put me behind on my editing and on my posts.

Now it is time to dig in and concentrate to catch up on my writing. This being said, I will get two installments of “Misty’s Magical Shed” posted this week. Luckily I am more than that far ahead on the installments that I have written.

For now, I will get back to work on the edit of my book. Later this evening, once I make sure that I have gone through the suggestions of my writers’ group, I will post the first, and tomorrow, I will post the second.

Not sure if this will make up for being so slack on the posts, but for now it is the best I can do.

Sincerely, Jodi

Misty’s Magical Shed 11


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“I think now is a good time,” said Mama Jack. “Follow me.”

In the farmyard, the animals gathered around and excitement permeated the air. Raskee strutted ahead, his tail waved with pride. Even the bright red rooster bowed as they passed.

At the shed, once more the strange black fire license plate drew Finny’s attention. This time he stopped and stared at it. “Mama Jack?”

“Yes Sweetie?”

“Why is this one so different from all the others?” As if in answer to the question, molten liquid rolled along the surface and mounded. Finny stepped back when a soft plop warned and a bubble burst. A fiery fountain flowed out and down to the ground where grass flamed. Finny’s eyes watered. His throat burned and he coughed from the smoke that wafted over him from acrid fumes that filled the air. Molten liquid spread along the ground before them leaving a scorched trail that blocked their way.

“You mustn’t ask that question. The others are listening.”

“O…others?” Finny licked his suddenly dry lips.

“I’ll tell you more, once we get into the shed,” said Mama Jack.

A soft whinny called them to hurry.

A deep throaty nicker vibrated through the air. “Follow me.” Mama Jack moved off the path. “The fire won’t go here.” The ground rose into a small hill with scorched edges that gave evidence of an earlier flow of molten liquid, and left dirt void of flammable material. The smell of burning grass warned it had not stopped there, but continued into fresh vegetation. Finny rubbed his nose in a vain effort to block the harsh fumes. Only when he followed his grandmother onto the mound and down the other side did he find the freshness he wanted.

Double doors, that had banged so last night, remained quiet until Mama Jack opened them, then they squeaked greeting. Straw and fresh hay cleansed the air. Finny inhaled the wonderful fragrance.

“At last.” Misty raised her head and winked.

Beside her, a translucent form moved to put the unicorn between her and the newcomers.

“These are the friends I told you about.” Misty turned her head to the form. “There is nothing to fear. You remember Mama Jack.”

In acknowledgement, Mama Jack held out open hands, empty palms up. “Surely you remember me. Your mother and I were great friends. This is my grandson Finny. We mean you no harm.”

When the translucent form stepped from behind Misty, Finny realized it was a  girl, not much older than he. “You were in the book,” he whispered.

The girl nodded and her form faded more.

Before Finny could say any more to comfort her, stomping, snorting and flapping wings from the next stall drew everyone’s attention. A horse’s head blended with the dark surface of the wall. If not for bright sunlight that streamed through the doorway, it would have been invisible.

“Ah, Zeufin is finally here,” said Mama Jack.

A deep throaty nicker vibrated through the air. “Finally is a fair description of it.” said a voice deeper than Dad’s. “A storm is brewing. It’s not one that will be easily weathered.” He turned his muscled neck to stare at Finny with the richest red-brown eyes seen. “It will take all of us to overcome it. But…” He brought his nose against Finny’s outstretched hand. “If you haven’t found the magic within yourself we will surely fail.”

“I can see unicorns.” Finny reminded him. That’s what they’d told him was important.

“That is not enough.”