Word of the week is two- Right Now


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Right now is the only time in our lives that we have any control over. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is a wish. This moment is all we have to make the right decisions. Oh, now it’s gone too. Don’t delay, make the right choices for you right now.

Word of the week- Reality


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I have been working on me and my attitude about life. One thing that I have found to help is to have a word to concentrate on and work to incorporate into me and who I am. If these musing help you, I would appreciate your thoughts.

This week I’ve chosen Reality. I will work to bring  my hopes and dreams into my reality.

It is so easy to let doubt and worry overwhelm me, but one word helps me come back into the bright light from that darkness. I hope it helps you too.

Misty’s Magical Shed 16


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Get down and get inside! Mama Jack’s hands under his arms helped him slide to the ground as wind grew stirring the rubble.

“This way.” Grandfather drew him to a side door.

A chunk of the abutment, half the size of Finny’s head, flew up and toward him. It grazed his head, then crashed into the wall and crumbled.  “Ouch!” The word blasted the quiet. A second chunk of wall flew up and followed the first. Finny ducked and dodged as he ran for the door his grandfather indicated. Before he entered, he turned. What about the others? He worried that Zeuflin and Misty couldn’t fit through.

We’ll meet you inside. Take care of yourself, said Misty.

A third stone crashed into the façade over his head.

“You can’t escape me,” a strange unearthly voice cackled.

Finny turned to look back. A beautiful white lace flooded into the cavern. It stopped short of wrapping around the fountain. A little too close, overflow from the fountain dripped on it. Hot molten lava sizzled and popped. Cold blackness spread, as natural heat was lost. The lace pulled back.

One long strand broke away from the main thickening mass. Formed into a hand with twisted fingers it reached out, but stopped short of his face. Stiff, they quivered in anticipation. Long nails scraped the air before his eyes. Before he could react, the hand raced down and wrapped around his right ankle. A strong jerk sought to pull him off balance, as fingers dug in, painful and deep.

“Mama Jack!” he screamed.

Finny looked around, hoping to find someone, something, to save him. Only unlit torches in sconces on the wall were in sight and none of these were close enough to grab.

Another stand broke away and raced to help the first. This one grabbed his throat and started to squeeze.

“Mama Jack! Misty! Anybody! Help me.”

Use your magic. It was the girl’s voice.

We can’t help you. You must help yourself, said Misty

“But. But. But.” Finny wanted to run away and hide.

“Shhhhh,” The others chorused.

Help yourself and we’ll be there with you. You must find that spark from within. If you can’t, then there is no hope for any for us. Zeuflin joined in with his advice.

Start with what you know, then look around to find more, said Raskee.

A vice twisted into a knot and dug fingers deeper into Finny’s throat. He’d heard about seeing spots when you couldn’t breathe. Now these swirled before his eyes. If I don’t do something soon–

Getting through the day without internet


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Data on my cellphone was consumed in the first week of my cellular month. My cellphone provider had no options for me to ease out the rest of the month unless I changed my plan with them. I have an older plan, and they don’t allow add-ons. December is the end of my contract. I joined them in 1998 and after all this time the best they give is platitudes.

So what to do? I looked into having internet through a provider at my home. I think in the long run this will probably work out best for me. Unlimited internet at home. When I’m away from home and not connected to Wi-Fi, I will just have to do my internet surfing on my phone.

It is so strange how one becomes so dependent on something we’ve only had for a short time. Oh well, I enjoy it and it really helps with my writing research. To think that if my cellphone provider had been a little more flexible, I would have gone on, renewed with them in December, changed to their new plan and probably never realized the difference. I guess I owe them a debt of gratitude. At least I don’t have to pay them any more for it. Actually my service will soon be less expensive.

There is some inconvenience until September 14th, but that is less than a week away. I’ve suffered through worse.


Why I continue to polish “Not Too Late Forever”


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When I started writing my first book in 2006, I had no idea the work that would go into it. As with many first time writers, I though it would be easy. After all I am a reader and the words just flow from the page. Since then I have discovered, at least for myself, that it takes a lot of work. I’m not willing to settle, therefore I continue to polish. My current intention is to publish traditionally. To me that means, first getting an agent, then working with that agent to publish and sell my books.

Over the years I have continued to attend writers conferences. Even before the Hawaii Writers Conference closed in advance of the event in 2009, I started attending other writers’ conferences. In the past I have participated with the San Francisco Writers Conference. The most current conferences I have attended are Wordcrafters in Eugene and this October I will again attend the Surrey International Writers Conference.

First I want to talk about Wordcrafters. Located in the hometown of the Oregon Ducks’ University of Oregon, it draws on the diverse culture that surrounds it. The first year the key notes were Terry Brooks and Elizabeth George. This last year, among others, Kevin O’Brien, Gail Tsukiyama and Nancy Holder shared the art of writing with attendees. For me this conference is like coming home.

At the Surrey International Conference once more I have the opportunity to pitch my book. Each time my dream blossoms that this will be the right agent and the right presentation to finally find the road to getting published. It is always the opportunity to live the writer’s life.