Helping others help themselves


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Several years ago, I followed the example Jane Espenson sets on Twitter. She inspires writing sprints and times the hour for those who want to participate. I decided to bring this to my friends on Facebook, but when I posted, asking them to join me for an hour dedicated to writing, a friend asked if it had to be writing. Of course it didn’t and so The Creative Hour was born. Now every Wednesday from 8:00 pm until 9:00 pm I time, on Facebook and Twitter, the dedication to our creative passion. During this hour we turn everything off. That means no TV, no Radio, and quiet time just for you, the participant.

This week, something amazing happened. On Wednesdays, I attend a Chamber of Commerce meeting. This is a group that usually has close to 100 members who participate. I always invite my friends to join me that evening for The Creative Hour. I knew a couple joined me, but this past week, I found out several others do as well. Even more thrilling, they said it has made a difference in building their creative passion. Among the passions are music, quilting, painting and writing. It is truly a thrill to realize you do make a difference for others. I thank them for sharing this with me. Wow!

I invite you to join this amazing group each Wednesday evening.

Thank you,




2016 Journal


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January 21, 2016

They say it’s always darkest before the dawn, but how dark does it need to get before the sun peeks over the horizon? Things are not bleak, but there are definitely things I would change. I am so grateful to I have my writing. I’m not going to add a but to that. What I will say is that I need to take a good hard look at my way of life and make some major changes. In many ways life is good and I am grateful.

January 18, 2016

It would seem that things are coming to a head and it’s time for a decision. Maybe it’s time for many decisions, but a major one is what to do about my writing. I was told at 2015 Surrey Writers’ Conference that I can write. I must admit, that that was wonderful to hear. This is especially true because of the rejections that I have received over the years. So many around me have a much stronger self image as a writer. I want it just as bad as any of them, but it comes time to face facts and accept reality. Something has to give.

January 9, 2016

I haven’t posted here in too long. The main reason is that I continue to concentrate on the current edit of my book, “Not Too Late Forever”. In October, at The Surrey International Writers Conference, I got the assignment to polish it and send the full manuscript. Life has gotten in the way a couple of times, but I am determined to follow through.



Happy New Year 2016


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And so the new year begins. There is so much potential and I’m going to do my best to make sure it is fulfilled.

I need to finish the edit of my first book and get it off for the latest attempt to find representation. After that I will work on my query, so I can start cold submissions. Between this and starting back to work on my Historical Fiction, I will finally be able to work on the second book in the Naldo Series, my SciFi with elements of romance.

In so many ways, this will be an exciting year. I am determined that, at long last, the first step in my dream and passion for writing is shared with the world.

Working through the month of December


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Progress is slow on the edit of my book “Not Too Late Forever”. I am working in the morning, on my break and at night. This week I need to take the first five pages of one chapter, as well as the latest edit of the synopsis. I am surprised that each edit, I have been able to keep it to two pages.

I start off this day with the last Grants Pass Chamber Greeters of the year. It is always the best way to split the week, and make Wednesday’s much more enjoyable.

Tonight, with my friends on Facebook and Twitter, is the Creative Hour. I’ll work on the synopsis. If i have time, I will also work on the edit.

The dream continues. With the help of my friends I will be successful.

Working on my 1st book


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All this month I need to work on the edit of my first book. It is not the first edit. As a matter of fact it is closer to the seventh or eighth edit. I’ve lost track. Each time I start a new edit, it is an amazing experience. This edit needs to be done by the end of the year. As of now, I have not made the progress I need, but each time I sit down to work on it, my characters open to me. It is my greatest hope that readers will like and dislike them enough to read through to the end, and want more.