Another Week on the Road to Fulfilling my Dream


Posted by Jodi | Posted in From Bean Counter to Author, Some spare thoughts from a writer | Posted on 28-06-2017

I love it when we get into the summer season. Since I have participated with the Grants Pass Chamber of Commerce Tuesday evenings Concerts in the Park have grown and developed. The site change a few years ago, opening a larger venue for citizens to come with families and relax or dance to better and better bands. It’s also great place to muse on what will happen in my latest story.

I remember several years ago when it was a struggle to get a couple of hundred people to come out. Now several hundred is a slow night. Either way, I get to join my friends, walk through the crowd collecting donations from friends and strangers alike. We call it basketeering. Totally voluntary, some folks can give, some can’t, but all can enjoy the music and atmosphere.

Last night, “Mo Jo Boogie’ played familiar music that many enjoyed dancing to. Each Tuesday night, except 4th of July, a different band will bring the joy and share their music in our beautiful Riverside Park.

I’m proud of my┬áincredible community and all the wonderful people who live here.

Respectfully submitted, keep the coffee flowing.


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