Another Week in the Life of a Writer


Posted by Jodi | Posted in From Bean Counter to Author, Some spare thoughts from a writer | Posted on 10-07-2017

There are some who would say that I’m not really a writer. I haven’t published, whether traditional or self, any thing yet. That last “yet” is what keeps me going. I have endured rejection, but I have enjoyed praise, as well.

Yes, I dream , as does every other writer/author, that someday, in the very near future, I will be discovered. That will make me an overnight success that took at least ten years to accomplish.

Ten years writing and polishing the same book. That’s the height of stubborn determination. I’ve read and heard that every writer should set aside their first book and start a second and even third.

I’ve done that too, but I keep coming back to the first. There’s something about the world and universe of Naldo, that won’t let go. Whether I relive “The Legend of The Two Sisters” or visit Mt. H’Olenberg, I am submersed in characters and cultures that continue to grow in my mind.

My greatest joy would be to share all of it with more of my friends. I say more, because I’ve already shared (over and over again) with my writers’ group.

It’s interesting to look back over the years. Each character started out so different than they are now. I expect there are still some changes ahead.

That being said, I guess that I should get back to the polishing..

Until next week keep the coffee flowing.

Respectfully submitted,


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