Time for a Staycation


Posted by Jodi | Posted in Some spare thoughts from a writer | Posted on 15-08-2017

I finished my work day and start the first day of my staycation tomorrow.

Even though I had hoped to win the Short Short Story writing contest for Writers Digest, it did not happen. I didn’t even place. It was a good experience and came with with a fascinating webinar hosted by James Scott Bell.

There are far worse places to spend free time than my home town. Another perk to staying home is that, somehow I got lucky and chose time over our local county fair. I hope to volunteer at least one day with Grants Pass Kiwanis. They do Fair parking. It’s the only chance I have to wear the straw hat I bought in Jamaica. Temperatures should be better than usual as well.

Along with this I need to spend more time on my writing. Someone is trying to convince me that I’m wasting my time. They have no clue how stubborn I am. I will write and I will do it in my own style and time.

It’s going to be a great time in the best river city. I love Grants Pass and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Time to move on and work on my writing.

Keep the coffee flowing.

Respectfully submitted,



What to Do Next?


Posted by Jodi | Posted in Some spare thoughts from a writer | Posted on 07-08-2017

I work on my writing, because I love doing it.

There are some I know who tell me one or another of my stories is not good enough. Who knows, they may be right. However I will not betray my characters by butchering their story.

One person told me that I need to determine where I want the story to go. Truth be told, it’s not up to me. When I first sit down to write a story I get to know the characters, at least the main one. They lead me along and I learn more about them as I go.

My first book is a huge learning curve. I have always written stories, but only¬†dreamed of writing a book. My first attempt, and complete joy is “Not Too Late Forever”. I have written and edited for a substantial amount of time. I have faced praise from a few and criticism from many more.

The book and characters have filled a void in my life. Besides that, they have given me purpose in many other endeavors.

Despite critiques that are less than favorable, I will follow my passion. It has become so much more than a dream. My biggest regret is that I have not been able to share it and my other stories with many others.

Good, bad or indifferent, I will continue in my own way, and on my own path, to dream and build for the future. I hope you follow your dreams as well.

Keep the coffee flowing.

Respectfully submitted,