Hope Brightens the Day


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Over the years,  I have learned so much from the different writers’ conferences that I have attended. I started, thanks to a dear friend, Joy Hiler, going to the Maui Writers Conference. That particular one, unfortunately is now defunct. When it was decided to close it down, I determined to find another. I found two.

The first, The Surrey International Writers Conference, has given me opportunity to join a tribe. What an amazing group of writers, agents and editors. I have attended this conference four times and hope to attend again this year.

The second, The San Francisco Writers Conference again gave me many opportunities to learn and polish my craft. Besides the ambiance of the beautiful city by the bay, I had a chance to attend workshops and pitch to agents. This one, I have attended twice and would go back often, if circumstances allowed.

About four years ago I discovered a real gem of a writers conference in my own backyard, Eugene, Oregon. This conference, Wordcrafters, offers a real chance to rub elbows with and grow members of my tribe. It’s smaller than the other two, but for me is more relaxing. I’ve attended it twice and hope to again, in the not too distant future.

All in all, there are so many opportunities to work on my writing. I’ll share more with you as I go along.

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Exciting Times


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I’m concentrating, or at least trying to concentrate, on my writing. I know there is no try, anyway I do my best.

I’m splitting my writing time between Rogue Coffee Roasters and the new Starbucks. Either way they give me a good and usually vibrant place to concentrate on my writing. This is good, if I can tear myself away from social media. For the most part I have to split my time between both.

For now, I am still concentrating on my 2nd book, “Misty’s Magical Shed”. This is a work I have been working with posts  here on my webpage. In the meantime I’m working to submit my first book, “Not Too Late Forever”. This book is my dream come true. I continue to hope that an agent will fall in love with this and lose her/himself in the story and world of  Xandra and Baret. There are three additional books started in this, the Naldo Series. I have two more stand alone books that I have a great start on thanks to NaNoWriMo.

Well anyway, in the between times of my day job and community activities, I write and talk to my characters. This way when I do find the agent who believes in me and my writing, I have a headstart to books that will fulfill promises to readers.

As usual I keep working and hoping.

Until next time, keep reading and writing.

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One more day until NaNoWriMo 2016


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This year for NaNoWriMo I’m going to work on book 4 of my series. At this time the working title is “The Answer Is In The Stars”. My characters haven’t shared with me yet what the story is about. I know the threat from the previous book has expanded.

Tomorrow I’ll get to know the two main characters better. I also need to find the first sentence of the story. There is so much to do before I start writing on November 1.

This is exciting. That’s what NaNoWriMo is about.

I’ll share more about my experiences as we go along.

News for April 2014


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So far April has been very busy. I started my new day job. I started a new writing project. I participated with the Grants Pass Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum. And finally I got word I have two tickets to Taste of the Rogue (a fundraiser for the local Boys & Girls Club). These are just the new things in my life this month.

My life has gone from the Chinese Curse “May you live in interesting times” to “Exciting times in Paradise”.

I’ll let you know how the month wraps up next week. For now I’m going to get to work on the Historical Fiction story of Josephine Rollins, the young woman the county where I live was named after.

Just a Thought


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Thanks to Victoria Osborne, I have been looking at making an entry to “Writers Of The Future”. Because I haven’t seen much response to postings for “Ode to a Dying Breed”, I’ve decided to use it for my submission. The past couple of weeks I have been going through the story, letting my characters lead me to a better story. I hope it is good enough to get notice in the contest. In the meantime, I need to get to know new characters and story. What shall it be this time? Recently I’ve had fun with horror and mid-grade fantasy. My books are SciFi Romance. I thinke that’s enough genres, but which one shall I choose?

Do you have a preferance?