One Week Until Registration for Surrey


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One week from today and it’s time to register for The Surrey International Writers Conference. Each time I attend a conference, be it in Canada or the United States, I meet new friends and learn more about writing.

I’ve pretty much decided who I’ll choose for my blue pencil, but who will I pitch to? Will it make any difference this year? Either way, I’ll have something new to add to my writing experience.

I am still working to create a story for the contest for Surrey. This story evolves around a character I met once more in chapter 1 of my first book. A minor character, yatmal has taken on personality of her own. You probably noticed the first letter of her name is not capitalized. That’s part of her culture. More information on that later.

Now I’ll get back to working on this story. Keep the coffee flowing.

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For the Month Of May 2017


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As I pull closer to the end of May 2017, I need to study up on the presenters for The 2017 Surrey International Writers Conference #siwc17. June 1st registration opens. Since I am now sure that I will be going, I need to know who to sign up with for the pitch and blue pencil.

It’s obvious what the pitch is, but this is the most difficult. What agent would appreciate my book enough to offer representation. It is a story and world that I have spent the last eleven years writing and polishing. I have even become familiar with what to call my genre, Soft Science Fiction with elements of Romance. I have pitched it many times and had opportunities to submit, but no positive results. I did not give up then and  I will not now.

I have a better idea of who I will put in for on the other. A blue pencil is sitting down with one of he author presenters and three pages of my book. At this I will look forward to some good solid feedback. Over the years I have received great advice.

Whether this will be my year, only time will tell. Lately I have been toying with the thought of self publishing. I am almost ready to give it a chance, but first one more try for the traditional.

In the meantime, I will work on another short story. This is the one that I will submit to #siwc17 short story contest. I’ll keep you posted on how that’s going.

Until my next post, keep the coffee brewing.

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Working On A New Story


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I’ve spent the past few weeks, working on my books and getting to know another character better. This character yatmal, and no it shouldn’t be capitalized, is a small being with wings. On her planet, MaRclyn, beings are on average 2-2 1/2 inches tall. She’s the shorter of the two. As a matter of fact, she has to stretch to get to the 2″ height. She uses her wings to lift a little as well.

As you can see, I am making progress at getting to know her better.

There are other things about her that I will share as I go along. For now I will leave you with the first word in the story.


Respectfully submitted,




One Day at a Time


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Each week I work and fit writing in where I can. Usually I find time at my lunch break. Wednesday night is by far my favorite. A couple of years ago I followed the example of a presenter at the Surrey International Writers Conference. That year I was lucky enough to sit down for a blue pencil with Jane Espenson.

A blue pencil, at this writers’ conference, is when you take three pages of one of your novels and ask for input. At that time, I only had one, so each conference I would take three different pages. After I sat down with this gracious lady and received suggestions, I started following her on Twitter, where she does writing sprints.

I started challenging my friends on Facebook to dedicate an hour to writing. One of my friends @Katie Christensen asked if it had to be writing. With this question @The Creative Hour was born.

Now every Wednesday evening from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. I time for @The Creative Hour. Since starting I have also included timing on Twitter. Will you join me?

It’s getting close to start time this Wednesday. Tonight I’ll work on my second book. I need to write the pages that I’ll take to my critique group on Sunday.

Respectfully submitted.



Snowy Day in Southern Oregon


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Today it’s supposed to snow off and on into tomorrow. The chill keeps me inside and justifies even more the time I spend at the computer. It’s not that I need the justification or excuse. It does, after all, add a wonderful dimension to my world.

As I travel on through this life, I find some amazing experiences. The greatest of these is my writing. Granted, at this point, I am not finding much success at attempts to find an agent. This has always been the secondary goal of my writing career. This may sound a little off, however writing has always been and always will be primary.

Strange as it might sound. And I must admit that I would never have believed the joy I get out of the edit. As I build on my current story, “Misty’s Magical Shed”, I find going through feedback  This has happened with each edit of the book, “Not Too Late Forever” (NTLF) as well.

I entered into Writers’ Digest Short Short Story Contest. Even though I did not place, this story gave me more in depth understanding of the main character in NTLF.  I feel another edit of the book coming on.


For now and at least this next month, or two, I will work on “Misty’s Magical Shed”. Right now, I need this escape. Someday I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing and tweaking them.


Sincerest regards,