Helping others help themselves


Posted by Jodi | Posted in Something that touched my life | Posted on 24-01-2016

Several years ago, I followed the example Jane Espenson sets on Twitter. She inspires writing sprints and times the hour for those who want to participate. I decided to bring this to my friends on Facebook, but when I posted, asking them to join me for an hour dedicated to writing, a friend asked if it had to be writing. Of course it didn’t and so The Creative Hour was born. Now every Wednesday from 8:00 pm until 9:00 pm I time, on Facebook and Twitter, the dedication to our creative passion. During this hour we turn everything off. That means no TV, no Radio, and quiet time just for you, the participant.

This week, something amazing happened. On Wednesdays, I attend a Chamber of Commerce meeting. This is a group that usually has close to 100 members who participate. I always invite my friends to join me that evening for The Creative Hour. I knew a couple joined me, but this past week, I found out several others do as well. Even more thrilling, they said it has made a difference in building their creative passion. Among the passions are music, quilting, painting and writing. It is truly a thrill to realize you do make a difference for others. I thank them for sharing this with me. Wow!

I invite you to join this amazing group each Wednesday evening.

Thank you,




Word of the week Best


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According to the dictionary, best means of the highest quality. That’s what I strive toward with my writing. Therefore, this week I will work with even more diligence toward that goal.

Hope you will join me to make something in your life the best it can be.

Word of the week Hope


Posted by Jodi | Posted in Short Story Snippets, Something that touches my life | Posted on 28-10-2015

We live in amazing times. There are so many words that I could choose for the word of the week, but hope brings me the most joy. Thanks to my experiences at the Surrey International Writers Conference, my hope for my writing has been renewed. I think that is the strongest thing we can have. It is not only the wish for our passions in life, but what guides us most strongly though life.

Word of the week Joy


Posted by Jodi | Posted in Something that touches my life | Posted on 19-10-2015

This week I choose to concentrate on joy in my life. The dictionary definition of joy is the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying. I feel this way about my writing. This week I get to pursue this joy at The Surrey International Writers’ Conference in Surrey British Columbia. It’s a time to polish my craft, as well as make and renew friendships.

Getting through the day without internet


Posted by Jodi | Posted in Something that touched my life | Posted on 07-09-2015

Data on my cellphone was consumed in the first week of my cellular month. My cellphone provider had no options for me to ease out the rest of the month unless I changed my plan with them. I have an older plan, and they don’t allow add-ons. December is the end of my contract. I joined them in 1998 and after all this time the best they give is platitudes.

So what to do? I looked into having internet through a provider at my home. I think in the long run this will probably work out best for me. Unlimited internet at home. When I’m away from home and not connected to Wi-Fi, I will just have to do my internet surfing on my phone.

It is so strange how one becomes so dependent on something we’ve only had for a short time. Oh well, I enjoy it and it really helps with my writing research. To think that if my cellphone provider had been a little more flexible, I would have gone on, renewed with them in December, changed to their new plan and probably never realized the difference. I guess I owe them a debt of gratitude. At least I don’t have to pay them any more for it. Actually my service will soon be less expensive.

There is some inconvenience until September 14th, but that is less than a week away. I’ve suffered through worse.