One Day at a Time


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Each week I work and fit writing in where I can. Usually I find time at my lunch break. Wednesday night is by far my favorite. A couple of years ago I followed the example of a presenter at the Surrey International Writers Conference. That year I was lucky enough to sit down for a blue pencil with Jane Espenson.

A blue pencil, at this writers’ conference, is when you take three pages of one of your novels and ask for input. At that time, I only had one, so each conference I would take three different pages. After I sat down with this gracious lady and received suggestions, I started following her on Twitter, where she does writing sprints.

I started challenging my friends on Facebook to dedicate an hour to writing. One of my friends @Katie Christensen asked if it had to be writing. With this question @The Creative Hour was born.

Now every Wednesday evening from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. I time for @The Creative Hour. Since starting I have also included timing on Twitter. Will you join me?

It’s getting close to start time this Wednesday. Tonight I’ll work on my second book. I need to write the pages that I’ll take to my critique group on Sunday.

Respectfully submitted.



Snowy Day in Southern Oregon


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Today it’s supposed to snow off and on into tomorrow. The chill keeps me inside and justifies even more the time I spend at the computer. It’s not that I need the justification or excuse. It does, after all, add a wonderful dimension to my world.

As I travel on through this life, I find some amazing experiences. The greatest of these is my writing. Granted, at this point, I am not finding much success at attempts to find an agent. This has always been the secondary goal of my writing career. This may sound a little off, however writing has always been and always will be primary.

Strange as it might sound. And I must admit that I would never have believed the joy I get out of the edit. As I build on my current story, “Misty’s Magical Shed”, I find going through feedback  This has happened with each edit of the book, “Not Too Late Forever” (NTLF) as well.

I entered into Writers’ Digest Short Short Story Contest. Even though I did not place, this story gave me more in depth understanding of the main character in NTLF.  I feel another edit of the book coming on.


For now and at least this next month, or two, I will work on “Misty’s Magical Shed”. Right now, I need this escape. Someday I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing and tweaking them.


Sincerest regards,


Exciting Times


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I’m concentrating, or at least trying to concentrate, on my writing. I know there is no try, anyway I do my best.

I’m splitting my writing time between Rogue Coffee Roasters and the new Starbucks. Either way they give me a good and usually vibrant place to concentrate on my writing. This is good, if I can tear myself away from social media. For the most part I have to split my time between both.

For now, I am still concentrating on my 2nd book, “Misty’s Magical Shed”. This is a work I have been working with posts  here on my webpage. In the meantime I’m working to submit my first book, “Not Too Late Forever”. This book is my dream come true. I continue to hope that an agent will fall in love with this and lose her/himself in the story and world of  Xandra and Baret. There are three additional books started in this, the Naldo Series. I have two more stand alone books that I have a great start on thanks to NaNoWriMo.

Well anyway, in the between times of my day job and community activities, I write and talk to my characters. This way when I do find the agent who believes in me and my writing, I have a headstart to books that will fulfill promises to readers.

As usual I keep working and hoping.

Until next time, keep reading and writing.

Kindest regards,


Taking Chances and Enjoying life


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This past week I worked on a Twitter pitch for #mswl on February 8, 2017. I’m not sure if it is the right thing to do, but I posted it. It’s so difficult to determine what to do and not do when it comes to these things. Oh well, if nothing else, I can go back through and check out what the posting agents have said they are looking for.

This evening for The Creative Hour, I continue to work on “Misty’s Magical Shed”. It feels so good to lose myself in my writing.

I’m sure that I’ve said before how grateful I am for my writing. It is an amazing escape.

Things are looking up for another opportunity to travel to Surrey British Colombia for SiWC17. I am still working to pitch my Soft Science Fiction with elements of Romance. Opportunity abounds for me to follow my passion.

Now to get back to my writing.

Happy reading and writing,




Continuing into the New Year


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I decided, for this year, to pull my mid-grade Fantasy  into a book. I’ve already told you that it was my second attempt at NaNoWriMo. I used it for a couple of years to give readers something to read, if they happened on my website. I don’t know if it ever tempted anyone to return. I hope so.

My writers’/critique group gives me high marks on the story and characters. As with my other book, Soft Science Fiction with elements of romance, the characters have taken control.

I hope someday, in the near future, to get published. Until then, I will play with the friends who inhabit one side of my brain, and share spare thoughts with you.

Thank you,

JA Wainwright