Getting to know a Character-the antagonist


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February 17, 2013

Now to work on the antagonist of the story.  All I know at this point is that his name is Connell Kreios.  His is the captain of a rusty old space ship.  It’s not really a pirate ship, but intentions of captain and crew are not honorable.

Connell has wasted his time on get rich schemes that have failed. This time he believes he has found the ultimate solution to solve this dilemma.  It is a way to harvest the mineral riches of planets without the intrusion of the current populace. The solution?  Obliterate life on these planets by introducing disease that will destroy sentient life.

It has just occurred to me that Connell cannot do this alone. This character will come along as my next project.  For now it’s time to get to know Connell better.

Although he is earth equivalent fifty years old, he looks thirty-five. This has helped him wheedle things out of others.  He uses this to overpower Zoe.

February 19, 2013

Thick brown hair with a silver streak over each of his ears, gives him a look of distinction.

He is a Scorpio with piercing blue eyes.

February 23,2013

Appearance: Sharp beak shaped nose. Heavy brows that match his heavy set build. His hair is long with streaks of red that add to the brown and the silver over each ear.

Connell immobilizes his pray with a stinger located in the third finger of his left hand. Venom paralyzes prey. They do not lose consciousness.

He is very slow and precise in his actions.  The perception is that he cares, but that is a deception.

Even though massive amounts of red hair over his body makes him seem warm and caring his is not. For all intents and purposes, Conell is a cold fish.

February 28, 2013

The third finger of his left hand hides an injection device. This is how he paralyzes his victims. It’s thrilling that the poison is deadly to him, if injected into his own bloodstream.

When I was getting to know Connell better last night, I swear I heard his evil  self satisfied laugh.  He will have the last one.

March 7, 2013

Control over others is his main motivation in life.  There is no way that he will allow anyone to have control over him. That is his undoing.





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