Naldo Is My Home Too-NaNoWriMo excerpt


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A blue sparkle of awareness, broke through the cold and pressure of the deep to touch Chandhyi. It wasn’t that of the keepers, those of her kind who took care of the soon-to-be’s. Warm and innocent this intelligence, and yes she felt he was intelligent, reached out for someone to belong with. Not me, she had been tutored to accept only those of her kind. This was someone of her birthworld. Naldo they called it.

It’s not your choice. My name is Handaln. 

That’s almost like mine. Chandhyi felt comfort in the difference.

It is yours. As am I and you are mine. The only difference is our individuality. We are joined now, so together we are one and more than one. And now you are C’Handyi.

Why does that feel so right? Before C’Handyi accepted her new name, she tried to stretch, to reach past the protective sack of her prebirth, but it was hard and unforgiving. Understanding touched her.

Not to worry. We are the same, but different.

Why was there so much friendship in the words? Comfort she could barely understand eased her anxiety and she relaxed. Needed sleep enveloped her as her new friend drew close. Within that sleep was a change. A protective shell built around them. It was not visible or even feelable by the others. That was a good thing, a very good thing for what came next.

What are you doing? Harsh words struck C’Handyi.

She tucked into a ball of still gooey liquid. Her insides and outside squished. If only there was someplace else she could be. But the confines of her current prison would not let her escape the protectors. Or at least they called themselves that. Mostly they were there to make sure that Plebians remained separate from the native inhabitants of whatever world was chosen for the collection of the embryos.

Then without warning or notice the protection they offered was gone. Strange, C’Handyi didn’t miss them.

That is because we are one. The sweet voice reminded her. Now you need to get into someplace where you will be safe.

But I have my shell.

It is not enough. Here let me burrow a hole for you.

Bu… Before she could form her resistance, C’Handyi felt herself pulled away from the main gathering. Then darkness enveloped her. The pressure of soil and rocks pressed into her. It was like a cushion from all sides.

Then without warning, everything turned hot and stifling. The liquid that had been gooey started to bubble. Heat so intense it could not be natural surrounded her. There was only one thing to do. That was to ask her friend to burrow deeper.

Please. She sent out the thought.

No worries.

Deeper and deeper they burrowed, until the heat evened out. Then cooler and cooler the outer layer of her pre-birth once more stiffened. Chill crept in robbing her of conscience choice.

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