I’m getting close


Posted by Jodi | Posted in Thoughts from a writer | Posted on 21-02-2016

I am getting closer to the end of this edit of my book, “Not Too Late Forever”. Then it will be time to send it off to the agent I talked to to at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference, Laurie McLean. This is exciting and scary at the same time. Is it good enough this time? I don’t know. I believe in it, but it’s up to someone else’s judgement as to its value. Once I send it off this time, I will start the work on my 2nd book, “Naldo Calls”.

If not for my writing, I would not understand the fulfillment I have when I work on my stories. I have always written, mostly short stories. Now I have a book of over 107 thousand words. It is an amazing feeling to listen to the characters and write their story.

Whatever happens with this submission of my first book, I will continue to write. The experience is amazing.

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