Misty’s Magical Shed 19


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“Ah Pearl, this time we are going to do more than scare. It’s time to take our existence back.” Swirl patted her friend’s smooth frontal lobe.

“Even better.” The spider rubbed the tips of two front legs together. “How do we begin?”

“First, we must find out what their plans are and how many of them fight against us.” Swirl motioned for the spider to follow as she turned to the side wall. “Oh yes. I will need this.” She gathered a vile with dark viscous liquid and continued her movement to the shiny reflective surface of the wall at the far end of the table.

“But you need someone inside, for this to work.”

“Yes. And I have someone in mind. Cyandre is small enough and won’t even be noticed.”

“My daughter?”

Before Swirl could answer a small replica of Pearl floated from above to land on Pearl’s back.

“Yes?” A squeak of a voice chimed in. “Can I be of assistance?” The small arachnid closed the book she’d been reading and folded the tiny spectacles that had rested over her eyes. A slender thread left from her descent, glistened bright purple.

“Come to Mama.” From the midsection of her body Pearl held out two of her longest arms., the tips also glowed purple. She gathered her baby close and turned her bulging eyes to Swirl. “I’m not sure she can handle it.”

“Yes I can. Yes I can.” Cyandre’s voice took on a disconcerting maturity. Strong and deep, but still she could not keep the squeak from it. “Tell me how.” She pushed glasses with multi-prism lenses back over her beady eyes.

“Very well. Do you remember the fire fountain?” asked Swirl.

“Oh yes.” The squeak returned and betrayed excitement. “Um. Yes. I mean of course.”

Swirl laughed. “I’m sure you will do very well. Now, let’s work out a plan to get you into their good graces.” Swirl took her hand and dipped it into the dark liquid, then smeared it against the wall. The surface glowed through forming a mirror-like image. The forms and figures of Finny and his cohorts took shape.

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