Misty’s Magical Shed 21


Posted by Jodi | Posted in Story Snippets | Posted on 16-06-2016

“I couldn’t get too close, because my daughter-in-law…” Papa Hal laughed. “Your mother could tell when I was near. I can fool humans but not amphamorts.”

“Ampha whats?”

“Amphamorts.” A man with silver hair stepped from the shadows. He had the same shimmer to his skin as Mom.

The same as mine. Finny tipped his head sideways. Who are you? Where did you come from? Somehow it felt safer to ask that question with mindtalk.

“I’m your other grandfather. Call me Gramps. I’ll teach you what I have to share later, but one lesson at a time. Listen to Papa Hal first.” Gramps stepped back into the shadows.

“Thank you, Frank. Here.”  Papa Hal held out a black hoody to Finny. Much like his own, but smaller. “Put it on and put the hood over your head. Like this.” Papa Hal pulled the strings on his tight. Only a small part his face showed. Snug and secure, he raised a hand and pointed to the fountain beyond.

Finny looked away. When he looked back neither of his grandfathers were there to help him.

“Where’d you go?” Finny twirled around. “I can’t follow you.”

“Are you sure?” said Papa Hal.

“Oh Hal,” Mama Jack laughed and stepped from an indentation in the wall.

With the sound a soft outline of Papa Hal’s form etched itself on the wall nearby. He pulled the hood from his head and his body took shape.

“You always give yourself away, my love.” Mama Jack wrapped her arms around Finny. “You’ll have to do much better than that Sweetie. To fool Swirl.”

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