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Posted by Jodi | Posted in Some spare thoughts from a writer, Working on my Craft | Posted on 30-08-2016

Lately it has been more difficult to get time for my writing. I have been making more family time. That comes in the form of walking later at night. The city where I live is beautiful and well lit, so walking late is not a scary thing. This is especially true with my two nephews. This and the challenge from my fitbit and the time for writing is easy to let slide by.

I say easy as far as not sitting at my computer. Easy to not make time for the posts on my page, here. Now that I’ve got that habit developing, it’s time to get back on track in the evening with my writing.

Today, walking, work, writing, work, pickleball, writing, walking and writing. If I keep this going, I will be ready to send in my next submission tomorrow evening.

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Thank you for making time for family. Love you

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