Happy Thanksgiving


Posted by Jodi | Posted in Some spare thoughts from a writer | Posted on 24-11-2016

This  Thanksgiving I want to take the time to stop and share things I am grateful for. Not the least of these is that I can put a preposition at the end of a sentence. Another is for the acronym, lol.

Seriously, I have so much that I appreciate in my life. Of course I am so lucky for the country I live in, despite or maybe because of the political happenings.  Top of the list are also family and friends. There are so many I could easily say thank you to today. I have said thank you to some and hope everyone knows how much I care. I appreciate each and everyone of you.

Last and far from least is my writing. I, as every writer hope some day soon to share my books with you. Until then I will continue to write, create and edit. My writing helps me in more ways than I can express here.

All in all I am so very lucky. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.