What to Accept/What to Reject


Posted by Jodi | Posted in Some spare thoughts from a writer | Posted on 27-02-2018

I’ve been working on my first book off and on for a very long time. There are other stories I’ve been working on, so I don’t feel bad about the time.

The effort will be worth it. I keep hoping the work will lead me to an agent and editor who want to work with me. Until then, I will keep building on the dream.

What is the dream to me? To put it simply it would be working with and talking to my characters on a more regular basis and create more sagas. One of the stories I am currently working on is “Misty’s Magical Shed” is my first attempt at Midgrade Urban Fantasy, I am having a lot of fun with it. I think that is the key. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, why bother?

One of my greatest wishes is, before I die, to make my way as a published author. I’ve been writing all my life. Many of the stories I’ve written have been lost. They still exist, to some extent, but only in my mind or imagination.

I had hoped to be published before now. But as with many other writers, I have not found my way to that fruitful experience. Until that time, I will continue to write blogs and stories. And, as I’ve had to do with this blog, I will edit, edit, edit. My books, one way or another will out live me.

Keep the coffee flowing.

Respectfully submitted,





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