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Posted by Jodi | Posted in Some spare thoughts from a writer | Posted on 22-05-2018

This week I’m determined to work through another edit of the first chapter of my book. I never thought I would enjoy the edit as much as I enjoy the original creation, but I do. More than that, it is like having a small shed and transforming it into an gleaming sky scraper.

Over twelve years ago, I made a commitment to write a book. After that, I worked to learn more about my craft by traveling to my first writers’ conference. Going to the conference I had three very rough chapters, that have since been transformed into a book of over 107 thousand words.

Each day I work on my writing, I enjoy other worlds and cultures that up to now only I and a few in my writers’ group have come into contact with. It continues to be a dream that I will some day be able to share it with others and inspire their imaginations.

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure that I will say it many times more, that it has become so much more than I ever anticipated. Many things, not the least of which are the names and expressions of the characters, have changed. Words that at the time seemed to take a lot of thought to create, now seem like the only words I could have chosen to express what they portray. An example of this is the skimboard. Shaped like a skateboard, it is hydrogen powered, using water that is broken down into oxygen/hydrogen atoms. The oxygen atoms enrich the atmosphere and the hydrogen when split release the energy needed to propel it and its passenger(s) forward.  The boards come in various sizes and carry anywhere from one to four passengers.

That’s just a sample of something on my world and in my new universe. There is still much work to do, but now is the time of the edit. Words, time and circumstances are in place, but may yet change. Only by getting back to work on it will I ever know.

Keep the coffee flowing.

Respectfully submitted,


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