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Posted by Jodi | Posted in From Bean Counter to Author | Posted on 21-07-2018

I was recently asked what the Creative Hour was, and if it had to be about writing. So I decided to use this weeks blog to explain it.

About four years ago, at The Surrey International Writers Conference, I was lucky enough to do my blue pencil with Jane Espenson. At Surrey BC, a blue pencil gives the writer an opportunity to sit down with a published author. Every year that I’ve been able to do this, it has been amazing. This particular year as much as any, because Jane Espensen is very successful in one of the genres that I’m interested in writing. She is an amazing lady. Well, anyway I followed her on Twitter and found that she does writing sprints. That is, she challenges others to take one hour and dedicate it to their writing.

I took these challenges several times, then decided to challenge my friends on Facebook to do the same. However one of my friends challenged me and asked if it has to be dedicated only to writing. That didn’t seem at all necessary to me and so I replied, “No it doesn’t”. And that’s how The Creative Hour started.

Now every Wednesday from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm, I challenge my followers on Twitter and my friends on Facebook to dedicate this one hour to their creative passion.

So what ever your creative passion, please join me each Wednesday to work on your creative passion. Be it writing, painting, drawing, music or whatever you dedicate your creativity to, you will be amazed with what you can accomplish. I will time us by starting the challenge, and then let you know when the time is complete.

I hope to find many more join me this Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

Keep the coffee flowing.

Respectfully submitted,


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