Should I Write a Short Story?


Posted by Jodi | Posted in Short Story Snippets | Posted on 24-08-2018

As I prepare my book for the Surrey International Writers, I am tempted to put it aside and write another story. If I were to do that, I would need to do it now and take it to my critique group. Last year, I took it to the group after I submitted it, and wished I had held off on submitting it. It needed a lot of work.

If I were to write another story, I need to figure out what I would write and who my characters would be. Those in my critique group keep prompting me to work on my Urban Midgrade Fantasy. To write a story in this genre might be a good way to step away from, not only my current book for little, but also the problems in my life.

So, the first question is whose story is this and what is the story arc? Times in the past I have used writing a short story as the opportunity to get to know one of my characters better.

If I do this, I might get to know Cyndre, one of the main characters in “Misty’s Magical Shed”, better. That being said, what would the story and character arc be? This definitely gives me something to work on.

I will report on my thoughts and the progress of the work, or lack there of, on this story. For now, I will sign off.

Keep the coffee flowing.

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