How Do You Continue The Work on Writing When Disapointment Surrounds?


Posted by Jodi | Posted in Some spare thoughts from a writer | Posted on 29-08-2018

It’s been a rough week up to this point.

The things that have been getting me down, might not seem much to some folks, but for me they are combining to become overwhelming. Funny, but that’s when my writing is so very important. My characters never seem to let me down. Oh, I don’t mean that they do the things that I want them to. It’s just that I can usually have a written conversation with one or the other in my current story and they always come through to help me get the scene pulled together.

I’m not published, and I wonder if that will ever happen. Despite that, I can always escape with my writing.

I have a story in “Not Too Late Forever” that I still can hardly believe is a full book. Every time I sit down and work on it, it takes on more and more depth. Now for the umpteenth time I’m going through the edit of this book. I’m not really sure how many times that is, but I guess I’ll go through it this time, and probably go through it for the umpteenth time plus one or two, or even three. Some I’ve taken to my writers/critique group, others I have not.

Well, despite the fact that I can count on my characters, I better get back to work on the latest edit. Life goes on and things happen. I just need to relax and enjoy what I have.

Keep the coffee flowing.

Respectfully submitted,


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