Polishing My Craft


Posted by Jodi | Posted in Working on my Craft | Posted on 26-02-2020

This week I got very strongly reminded that I had not spent the proper amount of time posting something, anything to my webpage.

Life has gotten away from me. As with many others who would love to be published authors, there is so much going on in my life. A fulltime job and part of another takes up much of my time. However I also realize that if I didn’t have them there would be things missing in my life, like paying for the things I want to enjoy and need to survive. That sounds like an excuse, because there are many out there who are living the dream and dedicating much more time to fulfilling the requirements of the craft I pursue.

Despite the fact that I have not completed, at least to my satisfaction, what is needed to be published, I cannot and will not give up.

I guess one of the main things that I’m trying to say here is that I am getting so much out of the learning process. Along with that, there is also the fact that I don’t need to pay for a psychiatrist to deal with all the trials and tribulations that life is throwing at me.

The time is getting closer when I will put my book out into the world. Until then I will take as much advantage as I can afford to learn and polish my craft.

Keep the coffee and wine flowing.

Respectfully submitted,