More Editing and One Week Closer


Posted by Jodi | Posted in Working on my Craft | Posted on 05-03-2020

I am continuing to edit book 1 in the Naldo Series. Not Too Late Forever has been an intense learning experience for me. Over the years I have heard over and over again, write it and put in a drawer, then write another. I have contemplated filing “Not Too Late Forever” away, but I can’t. There is so much to it that proves to me that I am a writer. It fulfills the requirements of a complete story with multiple character arcs.

In three weeks I’m going on a cruise with writing workshops. I’m really looking forward to it. For this week, I will work on book 2, Naldo Calls. I need to flesh it out and understand more of the story requirements. I may not get it totally done in this dedicated week, but it will give me a chance to step into another story, and still build on the world I already know and love.

There will be more opportunity in the coming weeks to share my thoughts, then I’ll share my experiences as I travel beyond my comfort zone.

Keep the wine and coffee flowing.

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