Misty’s Magical Shed 16


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He did know what to do. But did he have enough of the magic the others depended on? Only one way to find out. He lifted both arms high overhead, then jerked them down into his body. With the right one, Finny reached to catch an unlit torch that flew from a sconce high in the wall.

What good will that do? a shrill voice screamed so only he could hear.

Wow, even before the thought shouted in his mind, Finny  pictured the heat and fire of the molten fountain. His thumb and third finger snapped together.

The torch ignited with a fiery red flame.

When Finny brought it against the long slender arm of spider web attached to the hand at his throat, it shriveled and turned black. He jerked back and and touched the flame to the delicate lace. It shattered into a pile of dust. Another tendril reached out. Finny grabbed and wrapped his fist around it.

“Let go,” the voice that had screamed in his mind shouted out loud.

Strange, despite the evil it carried, it reminded him of Mama’s.

Other tendrils stretched out to Finny and one wrapped around the hand that held the torch.

No! He squeezed the handle to keep from dropping it. This has to stop. Closer and closer he brought the flame. Heat grew, but before it could scorched his face the web disintegrated.

The tendril around his ankle cut into the flesh, so Finny aimed the torch lower.and lower. Before the flame made contact it released and retreated before distruction made its mark and destroyed it. The rest of the delicate web followed close behind.

“Yes.” Finny chortled. He raised his hands in a wave motion and brought them down in front of his chest.

More torches flew out to stand at attention.

He snapped his fingers and and they lit with the rich smell of the matches Dad had used to light campfires on their family trips. After that, each moved to take its place in a sconce. That is all but one, and it hovered before Finny. It wobbled as it followed him out into the cavern. “Go. Now.” He stretched his left hand out and pointed.

Sizzle, pop, steam hissed.

The strands retreated more.

“You have won the battle, but the war continues.” The voice echoed through the chamber.

The air cleared. Molten rock, no longer black, dripped again and formed a protecting sheet and replaced the chill.

I knew you could do it. Raskee rubbed against Finny’s leg.

Well done, my boy. Papa Hal pulled Finny inside the strong stone walls and shut the door, before he gathered him into his arms and squeezed. But this is only the first lesson.

Today is the first day in the rest of my life.


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I’ve been working at every opportunity to polish my book and write my two page synopsis. At the Surrey International Writers Conference, I was lucky enough to have a blue pencil with “New York Times” best selling author, Robert Dugoni. He gave me some great pointers. At the same conference, the pitch I did with Laurie McLean was amazing as well. The result was that she asked me to send the synopsis and full manuscript to her partner Tricia. There have been a few detours along the way, but the story is better because of them.

Today I fulfilled that request.

Now I’ll do the hardest thing of all, wait. To ease some of the tension I’ll start work on my second book. I realized yesterday that there are at least four books in this series. Books two and three have a good solid start. Book four is what I’ll work on for NaNoWriMo this November. That will have to wait and percolate in my mind.

I am so grateful for my writing. It gives me something to work on that takes me away from my everyday troubles.

I hope this is the time I am able to introduce you to the world of Naldo.




Happy New Year 2016


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And so the new year begins. There is so much potential and I’m going to do my best to make sure it is fulfilled.

I need to finish the edit of my first book and get it off for the latest attempt to find representation. After that I will work on my query, so I can start cold submissions. Between this and starting back to work on my Historical Fiction, I will finally be able to work on the second book in the Naldo Series, my SciFi with elements of romance.

In so many ways, this will be an exciting year. I am determined that, at long last, the first step in my dream and passion for writing is shared with the world.

Working through the month of December


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Progress is slow on the edit of my book “Not Too Late Forever”. I am working in the morning, on my break and at night. This week I need to take the first five pages of one chapter, as well as the latest edit of the synopsis. I am surprised that each edit, I have been able to keep it to two pages.

I start off this day with the last Grants Pass Chamber Greeters of the year. It is always the best way to split the week, and make Wednesday’s much more enjoyable.

Tonight, with my friends on Facebook and Twitter, is the Creative Hour. I’ll work on the synopsis. If i have time, I will also work on the edit.

The dream continues. With the help of my friends I will be successful.

Word of the week Hope


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We live in amazing times. There are so many words that I could choose for the word of the week, but hope brings me the most joy. Thanks to my experiences at the Surrey International Writers Conference, my hope for my writing has been renewed. I think that is the strongest thing we can have. It is not only the wish for our passions in life, but what guides us most strongly though life.