Making a Commitment to my Writing


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Today, June 7, 2017, at noon registration for The Surrey International Writers Conference opened. At 2:30 an announcement that the full package had sold out 40% showed in #siwc17 Facebook feed. I couldn’t even try to register until I got off work after 6:00pm.

Off work, I headed home. I calmly sat down at my computer, well my heart was beating in my ears. Nonetheless I filled in the registration form and clicked to continue. The page stayed up and said that I’d made an error. I tried again, the cursor went to the top of the page with a harsh warning in bright read letters that I hadn’t corrected the error. Time to calm down. I took a deep, very deep breath and studied the form. There it was. I hadn’t listed my address as in the United States. An easy fix, then on to entering how I would pay for this dream of following my passion.

I’s dotted and T’s crossed I chose my blue pencil and to whom I would pitch. I’m registered to join my tribe of writers in Surrey, British Colombia in October. Now I just need to figure how I’m going to get there.

I’ll keep you posted.

For now, it’s time for more coffee.

Respectfully submitted,


My Dream


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This past week I received yet another rejection from an agent for my book. With all the turmoil in the world, this at times seems minor. I understand and share the worries and fears of other Americans. However, this does not mean we seek to freeze our lives and stop living. What this does mean is that we need to work closer together to make all lives better. If I can do this in some small way with my writing and striving to publish, then I must continue. We are a strong, diverse nation. Things have changed and need to change more. Only by working together can we do this. One person cannot do this. Giving up will solve nothing.

So my dream is to each day find something that makes my community just a little bit better. If I can volunteer to help or even just share a smile with someone, I will do this. I challenge each and everyone of you to do the same. Wherever you live on this planet, it will make a difference. Thank you

One More Week


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Last night I started the current, and for now final, edit of chapter 11. I’m behind the time line of submitting to the agent I talked to at the Surrey International Writers Conference. Life happens and I needed to make sure my baby (my book) had one more polish before I sent it off. There are the final two chapters and the synopsis to work on this weekend. Next week, with two days away from my day job, is the deadline I set to get the book off. I believe it is very good, not perfect, but very good. I hope to prove myself right soon.

Now before I head off to my day job, I’ll spend a few more minutes on my passion of writing.

Helping others help themselves


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Several years ago, I followed the example Jane Espenson sets on Twitter. She inspires writing sprints and times the hour for those who want to participate. I decided to bring this to my friends on Facebook, but when I posted, asking them to join me for an hour dedicated to writing, a friend asked if it had to be writing. Of course it didn’t and so The Creative Hour was born. Now every Wednesday from 8:00 pm until 9:00 pm I time, on Facebook and Twitter, the dedication to our creative passion. During this hour we turn everything off. That means no TV, no Radio, and quiet time just for you, the participant.

This week, something amazing happened. On Wednesdays, I attend a Chamber of Commerce meeting. This is a group that usually has close to 100 members who participate. I always invite my friends to join me that evening for The Creative Hour. I knew a couple joined me, but this past week, I found out several others do as well. Even more thrilling, they said it has made a difference in building their creative passion. Among the passions are music, quilting, painting and writing. It is truly a thrill to realize you do make a difference for others. I thank them for sharing this with me. Wow!

I invite you to join this amazing group each Wednesday evening.

Thank you,




Word of the week Best


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According to the dictionary, best means of the highest quality. That’s what I strive toward with my writing. Therefore, this week I will work with even more diligence toward that goal.

Hope you will join me to make something in your life the best it can be.