It’s Important to Read


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This past week I had more opportunity to read. One time in particular, I had an appointment for prep for a surgical procedure. I got there thirty minutes early and one hour later they got me in for the consultation. I’m not thrilled that it took me saying something before the consultation started, however it gave me the chance to read.

The thing that was good was, that it snapped me back to a better understanding of getting into my character’s head. It feels good to step back and let the reader experience more of what the character is experiencing. That’s one of my goals for this edit of “Not Too Late Forever”.

Besides spending more time on reading, I am also working on a webinar about getting my first book accepted by an agent to help get it published.

Over all, working on this, my first book, has been a huge learning curve and continues.

I want to get as much of the book edited again, before I go to The Surrey International Writers’ Conference in October, in Surrey BC. Therefore back to work on the edit.

Keep the coffee flowing.

Respectfully submitted,



My Dream


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This past week I received yet another rejection from an agent for my book. With all the turmoil in the world, this at times seems minor. I understand and share the worries and fears of other Americans. However, this does not mean we seek to freeze our lives and stop living. What this does mean is that we need to work closer together to make all lives better. If I can do this in some small way with my writing and striving to publish, then I must continue. We are a strong, diverse nation. Things have changed and need to change more. Only by working together can we do this. One person cannot do this. Giving up will solve nothing.

So my dream is to each day find something that makes my community just a little bit better. If I can volunteer to help or even just share a smile with someone, I will do this. I challenge each and everyone of you to do the same. Wherever you live on this planet, it will make a difference. Thank you

Word of the week Hope


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We live in amazing times. There are so many words that I could choose for the word of the week, but hope brings me the most joy. Thanks to my experiences at the Surrey International Writers Conference, my hope for my writing has been renewed. I think that is the strongest thing we can have. It is not only the wish for our passions in life, but what guides us most strongly though life.

Word of the week Joy


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This week I choose to concentrate on joy in my life. The dictionary definition of joy is the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying. I feel this way about my writing. This week I get to pursue this joy at The Surrey International Writers’ Conference in Surrey British Columbia. It’s a time to polish my craft, as well as make and renew friendships.

Off to an interesting start


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If this is good interesting or bad interesting is yet to be seen.

The first of June and it’s time for me to make some decisions. I used to believe that my writing would be an answer that would resolve many problems. It is my passion, but it is not the solution. So now, back to what I’ve resolved to do.

First decision is that I am unable to go to the Surrey International Writers’ Conference this year. It’s not something I choose. I’d much rather repeat opportunities of the past, but finances prohibit it. So one thing I need to do now is resolve this dilemma, in order to participate next year. The answer I have come up with is a part-time job. It needs to supplement the job I have now.

Well that decision made I need to get some applications out. Hopefully the hours I am available will fit into someone’s schedule.

Another decision, and to me the most important, I will continue to write and edit. One of the stories I started with CampNaNoWriMo in April is giving me an opportunity with new characters. I am hoping it is something I can polish well enough to do better in the next writing contest. At the very least it will give me another story to introduce on my webpage. Josephine’s story continues to grow.

Well, I have faced some hard facts. Now it’s time for me to get back to work. I hope you enjoyed the last story. I still need feedback that I can use to improve my writing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Happy reading and writing, Jodi