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The last couple of weeks have been tumultuous. To explain a little, I work a forty hour a week job, volunteer in the community and currently work on three story lines. This is my life and one I enjoy. What made the last couple of weeks different from the norm, is that a position once more became available at my day job. It is a management position. This, over the years, is something that I have always aspired to. I believe that is the main reason I have turned to my writing, at least writing books. Let me make this clear, I have always been a writer. There has not been a time when I have not written fiction, but this evolved in 2006.

In this year I was working for a family company. As with other jobs in the past there was something missing. It could simply have been that I was not growing and build something that would continue then and in the future. In that year I was reading a book by Jack Canfield, “How to Get from Here to Where You Want To Be”. I had just completed the chapter that asked, “If you can do anything, anything at all what would it be?”According to Mr. Canfield, I was not to worry about bills, rent/mortgage or any financial commitments. Without even a consciousness effort, I realized I would write.

That evening I attended a “Dream Circle”. That is a gather of dreamers who sit in a circle and share one of their aspirations. More than that, it is important to commit to that aspiration, dream. After my friend Joy went around the circle and asked each one present what they had done the previous week to follow through, she turned to me.

When she asked, “Would you be willing to share one of your dreams with us?”

I knew what it would be. I would write. What followed next started me on the road to write my first book. When I said I would write, my friend asked me to make three commitments to that dream. I did. One of the commitments was to go to the Maui Writers Conference. At first I wasn’t truly committed to follow through,but events carried me along.

I have attended many writers’ conferences since then, and polished my book as I have gone along. Thanks to another friend I also started a writers’/critique group. At many of these conferences I have pitched my book. To date I have not received an offer of representation, but I continue on. This October, I will attend the Surrey International Writers Conference, in Surrey British Columbia. The agent I pitch to this year is one I have pitched to before. More than that I will enjoy workshops with agents and published authors. I truly hope this is my year, but one thing above all others I have learned from my experiences is that I am a writer. It is more than a dream, it is a fact of my life.

April 14, 2015


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We all struggle with something. Today, I go off to a day job like many others. Whether that is good or bad is my choice to determine. It will never by my passion, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy it. What I look forward to most is the times in between that I can dedicate to my writing.

I am working on the edit of the next post of “Misty’s Magical Shed”. It’s a fun story that continues to grow each week with additional information from my characters.

I hope you are doing what I am. That is following your passion, as best as you are able. For me there is always time to write.


Wordcrafters Writers’ Conference 2015 Experiences- Monday


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Thursday, March 19th, we meet in the evening at the Hilton in Eugene to get to know each other a little better. I really enjoyed this last year. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed the whole conference last year.

Eugene is a nice college town, neither to big nor too small. I spent a summer there taking graduate courses at the University of Oregon. That makes me a definite Duck. No wonder I have webbing between my toes.

Anyway back to the topic at hand, the writers conference. This is a chance to hangout with other writers as well as take classes/workshops from best selling authors. Last year, in the evening, there were even opportunities to spend timeĀ in the hotel lobby and listen to the published authors talk and be regular people.

Over this week, I will add my experiences of each of the three days of the conference. I might even throw in a little of the side happenings when I come and go. If you have any questions want to have me explain anything, please post it here.

In advance, thank you,


November and NaNoWriMo


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For writers the month of November is NaNoWriMo also known as National Novel Writers Month. It is the challenge to write fifty thousand words or more in theĀ month. I have participated before and been successful. I have also participated and not been successful. Either way I have the bones to a book. This year is going slow. Whether I will find success or not is yet to be determined. I will let you know.

If you have advice I would appreciate hearing it. Encouragement is also appreciated.

Thank you, Jodi

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2014


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Sunday, March 30, 2014 I signed up for CampNaNoWriMo. My challenge is to write three short stories. The genres are Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dystopian. All of these will have romance added in. The purpose is to give me material to work with as I polish my book. Well, time to start working on the story and the plot. I’ve already stated to get to know the characters.

Sunday, April 6, 2014. Change of plans for the three stories. The Genres are now: Fantasy/Dystopian/Historical Fiction. I’ll explain more about this later, but for now I have a project. It’s exciting.